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How do I set up my book on Amazon/KDP? (Part 1 of 3)

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

To offer a book for sale on Amazon.com you must go through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Until early 2018 the platform to do this was called CreateSpace, but they're now defunct and replaced with Amazon's own entity, KDP.

Since we're wading through this publishing world together, let's demystify KDP account setup as the first step in the process of making your book available on Amazon. (Note: I am based in the U.S., so some information will not be applicable or accurate in other markets. Screen images current as of 02/2019 and are subject to change.)

Part 1: How do I create a KDP account?

Decide First: Personal or Business Account

Before we dive in to setting up in KDP, let me say first: if you wish to keep your publishing account separate from your regular Amazon shopping account for business purposes, it's wise to consider a new account with completely different bank/financial information. (You are allowed to have as many buying accounts per household as you want, but Amazon limits selling accounts to one per household.) Also worth noting: if you are an Amazon Prime account holder in the U.S., free shipping does not apply when ordering discounted author copies, so being a Prime customer is not an advantage here.

Now. On to the setup.

The Short Version

1) Visit kdp.amazon.com. Sign in with an existing Amazon account, or create a new one for publishing/sales.

2) Click "Update Now" in the account information box at the top of your "Bookshelf" page, which is the default page tab that opens up after sign-in. Complete Author/Publisher Information, Getting Paid, and Tax Information according to your country of residence.

3) Click "SAVE" at the bottom. Setup complete! (Watch for Part 2, uploading your paperback, and Part 3, uploading an ebook--coming March 2019.)

The Long Version: Step-By-Step with Photos

First: visit kdp.amazon.com.

You have the option to sign in with your existing Amazon.com account, or click Sign Up to create a new account.

How to get to my KDP account or create one

Here is the next screen where Amazon makes sure they know what you meant when you clicked the button on the previous page. (Both options again: log in or new account.)

KDP. Making sure you knew which button you clicked.

If you choose to create a new account, you'll come to this Create Account screen. Just choose what information you want tied to this new account and click Create your KDP account. (Or, look, you can still use an existing account with the Sign in option at the bottom! They're just making sure ...!)

Create account box looks like this.

Once you are logged in (existing or new account), you will see this page: it's your Bookshelf. See the warning at the top saying my KDP account information is incomplete? I'll click Update now.

Finish entering needed info so KDP can pay you!

The My Account screen that comes next is where you need to choose your country and enter your address details under Author/Publisher Information. This will be tied to your bank information so KDP knows where to send any payments.

Set up your My Account page in KDP with author and/or publisher details.

The lower half of the My Account page is where you will enter your bank details and your tax information. (Note: I do not know how the tax information request differs by country, so feel free to leave a comment if you can help other readers with these details.)

Enter your bank and tax details for KDP so they can pay you, then SAVE!

**You MUST click "Save" after these entries.**

Part 1: KDP account setup complete!

From here, you can now click back to your Bookshelf page, where we'll walk through uploading your paperback in Part 2. Watch for Part 3 on uploading your ebook (April 2019).

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