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Savings for YOU!

For THE biggest shopping weekend of the year, I've collected a few of my favorite things that have a great discount right now!

{About half of these are affiliate links, so not only are you getting some of my favorite deals, you're also supporting a small business by clicking through! Thank you.} :)


I never thought I'd ever recommend software in addition to a real-person editor--but I LOVE this program! ProWritingAid is a powerhouse, checking for excess filler words, scoring your writing on sentence length variety, and so many more options that other programs like Grammarly just can't compete with! ProWritingAid is a great tool to use in your own writing process (and will likely save you some $$ when it comes time to hand off to a real-person editor, since nothing truly replaces that! I have caught PWA in several grammar mistakes but the big-picture writing help is amazing!) Click the image to check them out--and even if you don't purchase the full version, use the free online tool the next time you want some feedback.


Track your mileage, expenses, snap pics of receipts, send invoices and accept payments . . . I'm a QuickBooks fan! The self-employed version is 70% off for your first 3 months! It's been a great way to track paperwork for my first year of business.

Two Proofreading Courses!

. . . And a partriiiidge--wait, not singing. Sorry. These are two fantastic resources that I've been involved with as I've started my proofing/editing business this year! Art of Proofreading comes from the background of proofreading novels (and guides students into basic copyediting in addition), while Proofread Anywhere is more of a technical course based on proofing court transcripts. Both of these have great business and marketing advice!

Writing Platforms

Microsoft Word is THE most widely used software for writers (and editors)! Office 365 Home version is discounted this weekend. And while this one's not a discount right now, it's great that the Scrivener Free Trial is back! It's 30 days of use for free--not consecutive, just whichever days you use the program. (I've been waiting to try this program after some client questions, so I'm taking advantage of "free" myself!)

Marketing Materials

To get my business going, I've made custom note cards, business cards, and magnets that I've sent to "my" writers. I'm looking at branching out to custom-cut magnets and mugs (though maybe that will be in the future!). My favorite service right now is GotPrint, where you can get 10% off everything with the code CYBER18. And, of course, VistaPrint is the standard for "reasonable+good." Their customer service was great, in my experience, so I'm definitely keeping my business stationery coming from them for the foreseeable future! Use BESTDEALS for discounts up to 60% this weekend.

Wholeness and wellness (with a side of fitness!)

My favorite fitness/wellness women's group is Fit2B Studio! Their sale is not until Cyber Monday, but that will be their biggest sale of the year--find courses, membership subscriptions, THE best member forum on Facebook (I'm sure of it) . . . just amazing things that are about wellness for the WHOLE woman (and teaching our girls how precious they are, too!) Check them out soon, then go shop on Monday!

That's all for now! Enjoy your weekend!

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