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Black Friday Weekend Fun

​​Some of these items are affiliate links, meaning the seller will compensate me a small amount if you shop and purchase through my links. Most are simply promotions worth sharing. Enjoy!

​​ProWritingAid ✍🏽

​​50% off, anyone? I use ProWritingAid to help me find things like “pet” words used too frequently, sentence lengths that can be varied to create better cadence, and other writing crutches that can be kicked out for stronger writing. Their free online version can be used for 500 words at a time, or the upgrade will manage larger chunks with more functions (though still best to segment into chapters or sections). ProWritingAid.com/?afid=5324


​​(PerfectIt by Intelligent Editing is another great writing program, so I'll update here if they announce a Cyber Monday deal. I highly recommend both programs—PWA for overall writing structure and PI for detailed spelling/grammar/punctuation mechanics. www.intelligentediting.com)


​​IngramSpark ​⭐​️

​​IngramSpark is a frequent stop by indie authors who want to add hardbacks that Amazon doesn't offer. Get one free hardback or paperback setup by using the code NANO2020 until March 31, 2020. www.ingramspark.com


​​Book Brush​📕​

​​This is new to me, but, authors — Book Brush has some *amazing* templates here for creating book marketing images! ​📖​ Similar features to Canva, but marketing-mockup focused. Customize with your book cover graphics.

With coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2019 you'll get free premium add-ons (for as long as you keep a paid subscription!) along with a 10% Lifetime discount on the Plus plan. The catch is that it's for the annual purchase and not for the monthly subscription. Check out the free tier if you aren't ready for the full version just yet. 30-day money-back guarantee. www.bookbrush.com  


​​​✂️​ Photo Scissors

​​I use Photo Scissors regularly to remove backgrounds or other unwanted elements in an image. The Black Friday weekend deal of $4.99 (75% off) has been well worth it to me since I purchased it last year; before that, I paid a site-based service $3.99/mo for exactly the same interface. www.photoscissors.com


​​Fit2B ​👣​

​​Let's talk overall health for a second. While this isn't directly writing-related, I am a solid fan of Fit2B and their pursuit of core health at the custom speed and intensity that each core needs to be mended and mobile. With workouts accessible to recovering mamas and “spoonies” (friends with chronic health challenges), if you need a bridge back to full workouts (or you'd rather support a quality small business than a big-box company!) then check out Fit2B—on Cyber Monday!—for one of their two big sales of the year. www.Fit2B.com

​​Find me at facebook.com/everysmidgen and let me know any deals I've missed! ​😁​




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