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Author Spotlight: JacQueline Roe

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

JacQueline Roe has released her first novel, Beyond the Tower (her second offering of 2018!).

"Raised by a witch, imprisoned her whole life, does this fairytale maiden know what freedom is?Rapunzel has never spoken to anyone except for the witch that keeps her imprisoned in a tower. She has never had a friend, never wandered free. But when she breaks the witch's most sacred rule, she is cast from her tower and thrown into a world of bewildering people. She meets a princess in disguise, stumbles upon a murder, and is chased by Bluebeard. As her feet keep her moving, will she ever truly find the answers she's looking for?"

Watch for the second book in the series in early 2019. Check out the Tower on Amazon, here!

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